Alternative Vaporizers and Parts

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2 Piece Grindhouse Herbal Grinder


Ex Tax: $20.19

2 Piece Grindhouse Herbal GrinderWith the political climate steadily gearing towards legalization, herbal vaping has become one of the hottest trends in the vaporizer community. The ability to go out for a quick session has long been a dream of botanical enthusiasts. At the same time, one of the dra..

4 Piece Herbivore Herbal Grinder - Medium


Ex Tax: $27.19

4 Piece Herbivore Herbal Grinder - MediumBecause vaping is such a personal experience, industry enthusiasts demand the best from their equipment. Often, this focuses on the vaporizer, which obviously is the most important component in the equation. However, it's important not to overlook accessories..

Acrylic Herbal Grinder - Medium


Ex Tax: $4.19

Acrylic Herbal Grinder - MediumNo matter how advanced the vaping industry becomes, simple science will always have its say. One inescapable reality is that great, herbal vaping is dependent on the cut of the flavors. Poorly grounded herbs can lead to inefficient, poorly balanced heating, and therefo..

Arizer Air Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $190.19

Arizer Air VaporizerEver since the development of the modern vaporizer, e-device makers have engaged in a concerted effort to push as much power and performance in the smallest format possible. While some companies like Arizer have found enormous success in the portable vaporizer market, others have..

Arizer Solo Glass Tube


Ex Tax: $9.19

Arizer Solo Glass Tube (For Solo and Solo II)Over the last several years, Arizer established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality vapes through a robust and reliable platform. Arizer also is well known for maximizing its power output, with their portable vaporizers lasting multiple sessio..

Arizer Solo II Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $150.19

Arizer Solo II Dry Herb VaporizerAs one of the most respected names in the vaping industry, Canadian manufacturer Arizer forged a stellar reputation for providing superior vape devices that are built to withstand the highest pressures and toughest circumstances. With their distinct one-two combo of ..

Atmos Jump Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $50.19

Atmos Jump VaporizerIn every industry, there is always a pioneer -- the one entity with which the entire sector is forever associated. Polaroid was the pivotal trend-setter for the now forgotten instant camera craze. More recently, Apple's Steve Jobs is considered the father of the smartphone. For t..

Boundless CF Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $99.19

Boundless CF VaporizerLeveraging state-of-the-art engineering prowess and the evocative street vibes of a new generation, Boundless Vaporizers upended the vape market upon their introduction. Offering incredibly powerful and versatile vaporizer platforms at a price point that is reasonable to the va..

Boundless CFC Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $75.19

Boundless CFC VaporizerWith an eye on both advancing vaporizer technology, as well as providing excellent dollar-for-dollar value, Boundless Vaporizers is part of a new generation of vape manufacturers. Not satisfied with just delivering an innovation, Boundless devices must meet real consumer deman..

Boundless CFV Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $160.19

Boundless CFV VaporizerWith competition rapidly accelerating in magnitude, the vaping industry has no shortage of consumer innovations. At the same time, vaping consumers don’t always necessarily benefit. Massive leaps in technological delivery systems often produce similar magnitude price increases..

Boundless CFX Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $155.19

Boundless CFX VaporizerWhile the vaping industry has forwarded tremendous innovations in the past few years, it takes a truly talented organization to balance technology with economic considerations. Fortunately, the vape enthusiast community can depend upon Boundless Vaporizers. Founded on the prin..

Cloud V Electro E-Nail Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $245.19

Cloud V Electro E-Nail VaporizerDabbing -- the art of single dose hits of concentrates -- is rapidly becoming the "go-to" trend among vapers and enthusiasts. There are many experts and aficionados that swear by dabbing, affirming it as the only true way of consuming wax or concentrates. Because of t..

Cookies X G Pen Connect Vaporizer by Grenco Scienc...


Ex Tax: $160.19

Cookies X G Pen Connect Vaporizer by Grenco Science Designed in collaboration with legendary Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur, Berner, the Cookies x G Pen Connect Vaporizer from Grenco Science offers one of the most unique devices on market. Equipped with impressive power capabilities and convenient..

Crafty Liquid Pad Set


Ex Tax: $7.19

Crafty Liquid Pad SetThe Crafty Portable Vaporizer is one of the most widely used and highly coveted devices on the market today. Renowned for its transportability and stellar performance, this masterpiece is truly state-of-the-art. Manufactured by Storz & Bickel, the Crafty Vaporizer delivers spect..

Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel


Ex Tax: $270.19

Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz & BickelVery few sectors in any industry have seen the dramatic changes that have occurred within the vaporizer community. In just a few short years, vaping went from an industry making tens of millions of dollars into one that will easily eclipse three billion in ..

Dab Tool


Ex Tax: $5.19

Dab Tool by Vape ToolVape Tool is renowned for their high-quality products, which are made within the United States. Fabricated with premium-grade materials, their tools and accessories are truly second-to-none. One of Vape Tool’s most utilized products is their exceptional dab tool. This wonderful ..

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $270.19

DaVinci IQ VaporizerWorld renowned for introducing some of the greatest innovations for the vaping industry, DaVinci is simply an unrivaled manufacturer. Integrating sophisticated designs, state-of-the-art software, and superior vaping performance, DaVinci continues to be a standard bearer in an eve..

Dr Dabber Boost Ceramic Nail


Ex Tax: $20.19

Dr. Dabber Boost Ceramic NailThe Dr. Dabber Boost Portable eRig is unquestionably one of the most widely used and highly coveted devices available today. Known for its stellar performance, this masterpiece provides for a truly superior and enjoyable experience. When the time comes for a replacement ..

Dr Dabber Boost E-Nail Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $140.19

Dr Dabber Boost E-Nail VaporizerIf there's one characteristic that separates vaping from other adult activities, it would be creative synergy. More than just smoking through a digitized channel, chasing vape has become an art form. Personal expression is easily attainable with the amount of cloud pr..

Dr Dabber Boost EVO Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $325.19

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Vaporizer Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Vaporizer is without a doubt one of the most advanced vaporizers out there, made specially for dabbing in a way that keeps your concentrate both flavorful and potent without burning your product or leaving you with a sticky, crusty mess once you’re..

Dr Dabber Boost Quartz Nail


Ex Tax: $24.19

Dr. Dabber Boost Quartz NailThe industry and community has enjoyed a very wide variety of phenomenal devices made available by numerous manufacturers. One of the most popular and coveted among them is certainly the Dr. Dabber Boost Portable eRig. This spectacular device offers the most enjoyable and..

Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads (3 Pack)


Ex Tax: $9.19

Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads (3 Pack)Utilizing a generous share of available consumer-electronics technology, the Firefly 2 Vaporizer has quickly grabbed global attention as a premiere herbal vaporizer. Winning accolades and awards from leading vaping-culture publications, the broad enthusiasm has cro..

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $280.19

Firefly 2+ Portable VaporizerThe Firefly 2+ Vaporizer is the newest upgrade to the original Firefly vaporizer system, lauded by the tech world as being one of the most innovative, reliable, and efficient vaporizers on the market. Made for both flower and concentrates, this handheld device can easily..

G Pen Nova LXE Ceramic Concentrate Tank - Wax Atom...


Ex Tax: $25.19

G Pen Nova LXE Concentrate Tank - Wax AtomizerA leader in discreet, botanical vaporizers, G Pen has also established as a pop culture brand. You’ll find many influencers and celebrities readily endorse the company. And the latest G Pen Nova LXE Concentrate Tank perfectly embodies why the organizatio..

G Slim Quartz Concentrate Tank - Wax Atomizer


Ex Tax: $10.19

G Slim Quartz Concentrate Tank - Wax AtomizerGrenco Science is renowned throughout the vaping community as one of the foremost leaders within the industry. With a fantastic spectrum of highly-innovative and well-performing devices released by them, it is no wonder why Grenco Science is recognized as..

Grenco Science G Pen Elite Vaporizer


Ex Tax: $105.19

Grenco Science G Pen Elite VaporizerMove over, Big Tobacco -- the phenomenon that is vaping has taken the world by storm. Rapidly immersing itself onto the streets and into pop culture platforms, vaping -- and in particular, portable vaporization -- has reinvented the concept of personal vaporizatio..

KandyPens Galaxy Atomizer - Quartz


Ex Tax: $18.19

KandyPens Galaxy Atomizer - QuartzKandyPens continuously shocks the industry with their truly marvelous and well-performing products. From kits and atomizers, to batteries and accessories, their superior devices are known and trusted throughout the community. Among their many popular and widespread ..

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